• Speeding

The minimum penalty you can receive for speeding is a fine of £100 and 3-6 penalty points on your licence. However, if it is alleged that the offence involved excessively high speed then you could receive a fine of up to £1,000 for non motorway offences and up to £2,500 for motorway offences. You can also be banned from driving. If you receive a summons to Court for speeding it is because a ban is possible.

The prosecution have to prove that a person drove a motor vehicle at a speed exceeding the limit for the road in question. You cannot be convicted on the uncorroborated evidence of a police officer alone.

It can sometimes be confusing for drivers to know what the speed limit is on a particular road or stretch of road. An issue may arise where there were no speed limit signs on the road indicating restricted speed. There are specific rules regarding this situation which relate to the street lighting. If there is no lighting system or the lights are not at the required distance apart there must be signage.

If you believe the signage or lighting system was inadequate or incorrect you should call us for further advice.

If you receive a fixed penalty notice for speeding and you deny the offence then you can reject the fixed penalty and ask for a court hearing. You should seek advice before doing this as the penalties and costs will be higher if you go to Court.

Key stages for a guilty plea

We will meet with you, consider the evidence and advise on the likely sentence and then represent you at court. We will then discuss the outcome with you after the case. The fee will not include obtaining expert or other witness statements to assist your case, advice and assistance on a special reasons or exceptional hardship hearing or advice on an appeal.

How much will it cost?

Costs will vary depending upon the circumstances of your case but typically the fees will range from £500 to £900+ VAT depending on the circumstances and where the case will be heard and we will discuss this with you when you first come to see us. Timescales will again depend on the facts of the case and when your case is listed with the court. Typically it will take between 2 and 6 months to complete dependent upon when the case is listed by the court. You should be aware that legal aid is not generally available for motoring offences, unless they are of the more serious kind.

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