• Special Reasons Not to Disqualify and Exceptional Hardship

If you are facing a ban from driving due to accumulating 12 points you will normally be disqualified for at least six months. However, you may still be able to persuade the Court that on balance it should not ban you because to do so would cause Exceptional Hardship either to you or to someone who is dependent on you to drive.

If you are facing a mandatory ban then you may want to argue special reasons not to be disqualifed. If you are facing points on your licence you may also argue special reasons not to receive the points.

To argue special reasons the Court must be persuaded that some extenuating circumstance exists which is connected to the offence (not the offender) that should be taken into account. Such circumstances may include that your drink was spiked, you only drove a short distance or that you drove in an emergency.

For either Special Reasons or Exceptional Hardship we can advise you on both the strength of your argument and how to obtain and present the evidence in Court to ensure the best chance of success. If you decide to proceed your best chance of success is to have one of our advocates appear in court and represent you, which we will be happy to do.

Key stages for a guilty plea

We will meet with you, consider the evidence and advise on the likely sentence and then represent you at court. We will then discuss the outcome with you after the case. The fee will not include obtaining expert or other witness statements to assist your case, advice and assistance on a special reasons or exceptional hardship hearing or advice on an appeal.

How much will it cost?

Costs will vary depending upon the circumstances of your case but typically the fees will range from £900 to £1500+ VAT depending on the circumstances and where the case will be heard and we will discuss this with you when you first come to see us. Timescales will again depend on the facts of the case and when your case is listed with the court. Typically it will take between 2 and 6 months to complete dependent upon when the case is listed by the court.
You should be aware that legal aid is not generally available for motoring offences, unless they are of the more serious kind.

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