• Disqualified? Get your licence back early

Being disqualified from driving can have serious consequences for your ability to work and care for your loved ones. There are circumstances where you can ask the Court to consider the early removal of your disqualification. This will only apply if you have been disqualified for two years or more. If you need to take a re-test then you cannot apply for early return of your licence.

For the best chance of success speak to one of our experts about getting your licence back early.

When considering an application the Court will look at:

  • Work

    Do you need a licence to carry out your job or is there a new job opportunity that requires you to drive?

  • Health

    Has a health issue arisen for either you or your immediate family that means you now need to travel by car?

  • Caring responsibilities

    Do you need to ferry around your young children and elderly relatives, or drive in order to see and care for your loved ones?

The Court will take account any relevant information we place before it and you need to initially set out your case in writing and then present your case in Court. If you are unsuccessful then you will have to wait a further three months before you can apply again.

Key stages for a guilty plea

We will meet with you, take your instructions and advise on how best to approach the case and the likelihood of success. We will then represent you at court and discuss the outcome with you after the case.
The fee will not include obtaining expert or other witness statements to assist your case, advice and assistance on a special reasons hearing or advice on an appeal.

How much will it cost?

Costs will vary depending upon the circumstances of your case but typically the fees will range from £900 to £1,500 + VAT depending on the circumstances and where the case will be heard and we will discuss this with you when you first come to see us. Timescales will again depend on the facts of the case and when your case is listed with the court. Typically it will take between 2 and 6 months to complete dependent upon when the case is listed by the court.
You should be aware that legal aid is not generally available for motoring offences, unless they are of the more serious kind.

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