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Driving Law Common Offences

Drink Driving

There are various offences within the drink-driving category of Road Traffic Act 1988.

Drug Driving

Drug driving is a relatively new offence that many people are only just starting to become aware of.

Failing to Provide a Specimen

If the police suspect you of drink driving they can require you to take a roadside breath test.

Careless Driving

Our experienced advocates can advise, assist and represent you if you have a Careless Driving case.

Failing to Stop/Report an Accident

There are various reasons why someone may not stop or fail to report an accident.

Driving Disqualified

If you are disqualified from driving it is a very serious offence to drive during the period of the disqualification.

Using a Mobile Phone while Driving

This offence now carries a fine of up to £1,000 and 6 points on your licence.

No Insurance

Driving without insurance is taken very seriously by the courts, you will receive at least 6 points or be disqualified.


The minimum penalty you can receive for speeding is a fine of £100 and 3-6 penalty points on your licence.

Failure to Identify a Driver

You may receive a Notice regarding a traffic offence involving a vehicle that you believe you were not driving at the time.

Special Reasons Not to Disqualify and Exceptional Hardship

You may be able to persuade the Court that on balance it should not ban you.

Removal of Disqualification

There are circumstances where you can ask the Court to consider the early removal of your disqualification.

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